Offering pastoral support and advice to evangelicals, who can often feel isolated within Methodism and face particular pressures

Methodist Evangelicals Together (MET) recognises the breadth of theological views within the church and the hurt that can be experienced when the evangelical view is not shared and opposed, often in a hyper-critical way. MET therefore seeks to encourage, support and care for evangelicals in the local church or in leadership at a national level. MET seeks to provide a supportive network for evangelicals in the Methodist Church.

The Revd Paul Wilson, MET Development Worker, is seeking to develop a network for evangelicals who are still feeling isolated and under pressure.

The Equipping for Ministry conference seeks to support those training and in the first five years of ministry and their families.

The Digging for Treasure expository preaching conference seeks to equip and support those who exercise a preaching ministry in the church, both Local
Preachers and Presbyters.

A conference for women in leadership is being developed to support evangelicals in leadership at every level of the Methodist Church.

MET encourages people to explore a call to preach, be a worship leader, attend the Methodist Conference, and take up a role where their voice can be heard.