Evangelistic Films from The Billy Graham Evangelical Association

BGEA produce free evangelical films to help churches with evangelism. There are two films currently with a third due for release approx. Sept 2016. These films are free of charge – one copy of each film to every church in the UK. Our purpose is only to win souls for Jesus, and to equip and enable the church to bring in His harvest.

The films consist of testimonies of many different types of people, from different backgrounds, their lives were in turmoil and they had no hope. Our Lord intervened in their lives and led them from darkness into light. Souls have been saved and lives turned around. These films are suitable to be used with many different groups of people, from men’s groups to youth groups, from mother and toddler meetings to groups for retired people, or women’s meetings.

I am available free of charge to help and advise churches/Christian organisations if they so wish on how to run events in their own churches using these films. We can even provide free posters and invitations – making it very easy for churches to just fit these films in to their current programme however they see fit.

The films run for approx. 20-25 minutes each, but films could be shown in part to use a particular testimony for a particular group of people.

All we ask is that each church fill in a registration card to register the church with BGEA which means they receive any future films automatically free of charge.

I am available to meet with you at your convenience. I am trying to find out the easiest way to get these resources into the hands of the Churches who would like them.

Here is a link to our website where you can view these films for yourself – I’m sure you will agree that they are a very high quality resource. myhopewithbillygraham.org.uk/programs

Tracy Simpson
Regional Church Coordinator
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association UK
TEL: 020 8559 0342 /mob: +44(0)7770 570527
Email: tracy.simpson@bgea.org.uk