Testimony - Miracles in Kenya

‘Learning has always been a passion for me,’ Ruth Pickles said in an interview shortly before she took office as the Vice-President of the Methodist Conference. ‘I love to see people gaining new understanding and skills.’ As a former science teacher and District training and development officer, she is very aware of the transformative effect that learning can have. On a recent visit to an MRDF project in Kenya, Ruth met people whose lives had been radically transformed after gaining knowledge and new skills. Audrey Skevin was with her.

Between Naivety and Hostility

I’ll admit this title is a little opaque but it is worth going beyond it and the strap line of ‘Uncovering the best Christian responses to Islam in Britain’ is a bit more helpful in explaining what it’s actually about. What we have is a very useful and readable text that considers the engagement between British Christians and British Muslims, looks at the British Muslim community, offers Christian approaches and insights and provides a very helpful contextual resource.

There Must Be No Limit To Your Goodness

Here at Emmanuel on Sunday mornings recently we have been following the lectionary which has been leading us through the Sermon on the Mount, and this presents a particular challenge to the preacher. Here is this sublime teaching that lies at the very heart of our faith, this radical reinterpretation of the Mosaic Law, expounded by Jesus on the mountain. But how do you preach it? At times there seems to be something of a random quality about the sermon as Jesus shifts from one subject to another.

Three Funerals and a Wedding Part 3

In the last two editions of METConnexion, we’ve considered two great Biblical themes in our journey through the book of Ruth: providence and grace. The theme of chapter 3 is provision and to guide us through this chapter we have three headings beginning with ‘P’: Provision, Protection and Patience. Some months have passed since the end of chapter 2. Harvesting has finished and winnowing, the process through which the chaff was separated and removed from the grain, has begun. The action moves from the fields to the threshing floor.

Release to the captives

Acts 16 tells the story of an unavoidable interruption. Paul and Silas have travelled into Europe, met with Lydia and shared the Gospel, and are beginning to gather a small group of believers that will become the church at Philippi, when they have a difficult encounter with a slave girl.