Preaching to a Postmodern World

This is an excellent book on contemporary Christian communication. It sets out to explain how we can adapt our methods to be more effective at reaching people today, without watering down our message to suit the convenience of contemporary listeners. Although the title suggests that it is mainly for ministers, it will be invaluable to anyone who is involved in communicating the Christian message on a regular basis - preachers, junior church leaders, home group leaders, Christian union leaders, teachers, and writers.

Calling Christian Leaders

John Stott is a greatly respected Christian leader - even Archbishops of Canterbury acknowledge his influence is greater then theirs. Listening to him talking about Christian leadership is always profitable and I can heartily recommend this book which looks at 1 Corinthians chapters 1-4 with very relevant application to today. As we see the church taking different models with different styles of leadership it is a salutary journey to get back to the Bible with the likes of John Stott.

John Wesley, the Means of Grace

This Wesley Fellowship publication will appeal to both the head and the heart of every evangelical Christian. Dr Haley, one of our Headway members, serves us well with his clearly researched and succinct presentation of John Wesley's appreciation of the service of the Lord's Supper and its regular observance. As the title suggests, it is the main theme and most helpful part of this short booklet of twenty-four pages. The Lord's Supper is placed central in the life of the Christian who would grow in the knowledge of saving grace.

Like a Child

Getting up, for a parent, can involve seeing to the immediate needs of small children and bedtime often seems to consist of exhaustion. So, although prayer can be reformed as arrows of communication and pleas for help, study can be a distant memory. Rare time alone is used for cleaning, ironing or even having the chance to clean your teeth! To change those priorities needs a study book that is apt, accessible and treats us with the intelligence we used to feel we had.

The Gospel according to Mark

One of the latest additions to this new commentary series, I have enjoyed using it as I have been preparing for services in the lead up to Easter. It has helped me put into practice what I have been teaching at Cliff College. 'We need to get to grips with what the Bible is saying by using the tools available'. It has been good to see a group of students grasp the value of thoughtful study of the Bible for Christian discipleship and service.

Twentieth Century Evangelicalism

John Brencher first attended Westminster Chapel in 1951 when Martyn Lloyd-Jones was at the height of his powers and this book was originally his doctoral thesis written in 1997. The author was living in London at a time when there were several men with great pulpit ministries, including W.E. Sangster and Leslie Weatherhead, and he clearly thought it important to research this period and its great preachers and to come to some evaluation of their place in the Evangelicalism of the century.

Grannie's Alpha

Grannie’s is a small but quaint Tea Room and Gift Shop in the south Nottinghamshire former mining town of Cotgrave. Opened three years ago by Louise, a committed Christian from St. Nic’s in the centre of Nottingham, after much prayer and the desire to serve God in the community, Grannie’s has attracted a regular clientele from the locality and beyond. It’s one of those Tea Rooms you want to keep going back to. The manageress, Elizabeth (also an Anglican), not only organised the food but also attended the course.