An Anglican-Methodist Covenant - 2/4

An Anglican-Methodist Covenant (abbreviated to AMC from now on) is a solid document, covering 62 pages of closely argued text. It is not light or easy reading, although the promised study guides may help us to get to grips with it more effectively. A brief article like this cannot hope to review the whole report, so this will be a selective and entirely personal treatment of issues that are important to me and, I hope, to other evangelicals.

Alpha or Emmaus?

There can be few of us who have not had some personal involvement in either an Alpha course or one of the alternatives on offer - and the Emmaus course is much the most widely used of those alternatives. Apart from the occasional debriefing and review session in our local church, however, few of us have engaged in any serious research into the effectiveness of these courses. Here's where Charles Freebury's book comes to our aid.

A Brand From The Burning

This book, with its 451 pages of text, deals very comprehensively with the life and ministry of John Wesley, the revival he led in 18th century England and the Methodist Societies that emerged. Quite a lot of the important primary material has been consulted, together with some of the more important secondary texts. The author writes clearly and lucidly and sometimes very vividly. He has the art of summing up events and evaluating characters in very succinct paragraphs and some of the research is particularly well done.

Faith in Tough Places

These three small publications from OMF, formerly the China Inland Mission founded by James Hudson Taylor in 1865, are written to show the extraordinary way in which God has sustained, protected and encouraged missionary people in East Asia over the years since the organisations formation. Each book contains three short stories.

Whose Promised Land?

This is a revised and updated version of a book originally published in 1983. Colin Chapman has continued to live in the Middle East and so writes from a position of experience and biblical understanding that few writers have. He has lived in this area of crisis since 1968 and now lectures at the Near East School of Theology in Beirut. This is a masterly book if you wish to grasp the nature of the continuing problem in Israel / Palestine.

Seek and Save

Some readers will have read a review of Paul's earlier offering Seek and Find. It was not long before the publishers were asking for more which thrilled me as I have seen Paul using the material in both books to touch unchurched people effectively in the UK today.

Many may know Paul from his worship leading and music at Easter People and the like, but in the last six years Paul's major ministry has been helping a body of Christians reach out to the unchurched with a primary focus being seeker friendly events in local neutral venues.

Prayer Life

Pablo Martinez is a psychiatrist and Pastor and works in a Christian hospital in Barcelona. He is President of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance and is a regular speaker at Spring Harvest.

More than a Job

Over the past few years, the employment situation has changed significantly with few companies offering secure, lasting employment anymore. I am currently doing work for a large UK retailer who is in the process of outsourcing 600 of its staff, many of whom have given over ten years of faithful service. In addition, there are those who take a more flexible attitude towards work and choose to combine paid employment with voluntary work, either in the church or the voluntary sector.

The Prayer of Jabez

This little best seller is a short book which explains the Prayer of Jabez (I Chronicles 9:10) and how it can be applied in our prayer life today. Jabez, a man about whom we know very little, is tucked away in a long genealogy dating back to Adam. What makes him unique is that there is a small commentary written about him along with the prayer which he prayed and which was, apparently, answered by God. Jabez was also reckoned to be more honourable than his brothers.