Operation World

Where do you start reviewing a book that encompasses the world? Previous editions of this amazing book have been tools that the Lord has used - a very useful tool for prayer. It is a book to enlarge our vision, which is very important, because so many Christian people are very narrow minded as far as the world is concerned. There is so much information in this book that can inspire prayer, but it could also lead to information overload and overwhelm you. Take it in small mouthfuls!

Supporting Christians at Work

The issues associated with supporting Christians at work are expressed in clear, unambiguous language and supported by biblical references. The author worked in advertising for ten years before his appointments at London Bible College and the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. This monograph includes both pertinent observations and relevant quotations about opportunities and the support needs of Christians.

Modifying Creation? GM Foods

If you are expecting this book to provide you with the definitive 'Christian Answer' to the issue of genetic modification (GM) and genetically modified foods, it does not give it. However, if you are looking for a book which will explain the science behind the GM debate in a simple fashion and provide you with balanced and thought provoking arguments both for and against GM from a Christian perspective, then it is well worth reading. The supporting scripture verses also demonstrate how the Bible can be used to inform decision making on the GM issue.

Clones: the clowns of technology?

Before writing this review, I glanced idly at the book cover, and realised how effectively it portrayed our ideas of cloning (the production of genetically identical individuals) - technology, the natural world, and the bizarre. Professor Gareth Jones is head of the Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, and a practising Christian. In writing this book, he opens our eyes to the world of 'Genethics', posing questions concerning the techniques involved in, and reasons for, cloning - both humans and animals.

Evangelicalism and the Orthodox Church

Under the leadership of David Hilborn the Evangelical Alliance Commission on Unity and Truth among Evangelicals has been producing a series of important discussions of disputed topics (homosexuality; the nature of hell; the Toronto Blessing), all of them well-written, clear and balanced guides to important contemporary debates. There are now an estimated 300,000 members of Orthodox congregations in the UK, and the opening up of Eastern Europe has brought about increased contacts with a group of churches about whom most of us probably have very vague ideas.

Witness to Power

These twelve personal stories of ordinary Chinese Christians challenge us afresh about human endurance and faith in God who sustains individuals and works quietly and powerfully, ensuring the growth of his Church in China.

Living in the Presence of the Future

Anyone who has heard Roy McCloughry speak will know his impressive ability to read and understand a wide variety of material, and then to bring it together, connect it and make it accessible to the ordinary person. This book demonstrates that facility exceptionally well, and its broad sweep of the contemporary world is easy to read and both comforting and challenging. Roy's background in economics and sociology comes across strongly, but also his deep commitment to the gospel and its eternal hope and relevance in our rapidly changing world.

Seek and Find

This A4 book is indeed a practical resource for the mission of the church in the 21st century. Paul, a member of Headway, is a professional musician whom some will have seen lead worship in a most effective manner at Easter People and Headway events. He is not writing from theory but practical experience of involvement in a church (Tommy's) that is reaching the unchurched in Nottingham.

The Message of the Cross

This is the third book in IVP's splendid The Bible Speaks Today: Bible Themes series. Its author, Derek Tidball, is one of the editors of the series and is Principal of London Bible College. The book is scholarly and makes a proper demand on the reader, but it is not inaccessible and will repay the commitment made to its study. Here are devotional and spiritual riches waiting to be mined by those who dig into Tidball's words and into the Word.

Sharing the Truth in Love

Ajith Fernando is a Methodist who has been national director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka since 1976. This is a book about evangelism by an evangelist. In particular it is a book about evangelism amongst people from other faiths by someone who has lived his life amongst them as a member of a minority Christian community.