Our Calling - Worship

This article concentrates on the first of these elements. I offer the following reflections from the perspective of someone who is a circuit minister and part of the Easter People leadership team, with the opportunities for leading worship which both those roles provide.

Our Calling Introduction

When we had the debate in Conference I asked four rhetorical questions about vision. I ask them again and offer a personal view.


'My Master's will'

Hopes, dreams and visions are God's promise to the sons and daughters of Pentecost. But how can we distinguish this from our own clever ideas? It is a key question. It makes the difference between success and failure (John 15:5). If we get it right we can avoid getting lost down a blind alley. I share with you a few of my own thoughts to test the vision.

John Wesley - Preacher of the Gospel

What kind of a preacher was John Wesley? To understand the impact of his preaching we must first appreciate his commitment to the task. He travelled some 225,000 miles throughout Britain and Ireland on horseback. At a conservative estimate he preached more than 4,000 sermons, some to congregations in excess of 20,000. He would regularly preach four or five times a day. His sermon register from January 1747 to December 1761 reveals that during this period he preached 7,000 sermons on 1,354 texts.

Revival and John Wesley

'The church has nothing to do but to save souls; therefore spend and be spent in this work…bring as many sinners as you possibly can to repentance' (John Wesley).

'Revival is when God is tired of being misrepresented by the people, so God shows up to represent himself…'

There has been a great deal written about revival and revivals. How you view this phenomenon will depend on where you are in the country, or the world for that matter. So let us define our terms.

Revival Generation

The post-modern generations have often been described as some of the hardest to reach. Whilst we look at a culture that accepts everything, as long as it doesn't offend the beliefs of others, we can see there is a radically different generation emerging across the church. Whilst most churches are in decline there are a few which are exploding; the modern church that not only embraces the post-modern generation but is embracing some of its values with a mix of Celtic Christianity.