First published: July 2012
The Policeman looked around the room. It was a scene of confusion - furniture was overturned, the contents of the cupboards and drawers...
First published: April 2012
We've thought about some of the great themes of the Bible: in chapter 1 we thought about providence; in chapter two our theme was grace; in...
First published: January 2012
Here at Emmanuel on Sunday mornings recently we have been following the lectionary which has been leading us through the Sermon on the...
First published: January 2012
In the last two editions of METConnexion, we’ve considered two great Biblical themes in our journey through the book of Ruth: providence...
First published: November 2011
In the last edition of METConnexion, we began a new Bible study series, exploring the book of Ruth and we considered chapter one.
First published: August 2011
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First published: August 2011

First published: April 2011
I nervously sat before my GCE ‘O’ level examiner for my French oral proudly displaying in my blazer’s lapel a Scripture Union badge.
First published: February 2011
First published: January 2011