First published: March 2013
There has been a lot of talk in recent years about ‘missional churches’, outward looking communities that are able to interpret the gospel...
First published: February 2013
The need to make disciples and not just Christians is one of the Key lessons we need to learn from John Wesley, says Mark Williamson.

First published: November 2011
The vision for Gainsborough Café Church came about four years ago, initially because of a need for something fresh and new for young people...
First published: August 2011
Cook @ Chapel is exactly what the name says it is, cooking in a chapel, but the difference is that it doesn’t involve lots of chapel...
First published: August 2011
Some of our students are on weekly mission placements that involve them in work with the Muslim community in Sheffield.
First published: May 2011
Like all Bible colleges, Cliff has to continually look to the future to ensure that the education and training we deliver is fit for...
First published: May 2011
The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization – Cape Town 2010

First published: January 2011
First published: January 2011
First published: August 2010
With the Olympics coming to the UK in 2012, why not use the opportunity to invigorate the life of your Church, Circuit or District? Here...