First published: May 2013
Recently, I walked down into our village to visit our local café.
First published: May 2013
My Journey
First published: March 2013
Over the last year in my work with the Inspire Network I have visited dozens of Methodist Churches, as well as Baptists, Anglicans,...
First published: February 2013
I remember two distressing experiences of model-making from my childhood.
First published: March 2012
To understand Christ’s death on the cross, we need to examine the words He spoke, as He endured crucifixion.
First published: April 2011
As the Methodist Connexion embark on a new, very promising, church disciple-making initiative with the London Institute for Contemporary...
First published: August 2010
First published: August 2010
First published: July 2010
How many times over the years have you been reminded that we need to pray ‘in the name of Jesus’ and been told that we need always to be...
First published: July 2010
From the 18 – 21 June in Stoke-on-Trent (and why not!) I joined Methodists from the UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hungary, Pakistan, America,...