First published: May 2013
Recently, I walked down into our village to visit our local café.
First published: May 2013
My Journey
First published: March 2013
Over the last year in my work with the Inspire Network I have visited dozens of Methodist Churches, as well as Baptists, Anglicans,...
First published: February 2013
I remember two distressing experiences of model-making from my childhood.
First published: March 2012
To understand Christ’s death on the cross, we need to examine the words He spoke, as He endured crucifixion.
First published: April 2011
As the Methodist Connexion embark on a new, very promising, church disciple-making initiative with the London Institute for Contemporary...
First published: August 2010
First published: August 2010
First published: July 2010
Every week, on the eve of every Shabbat, Jewish families gather for a meal together. The father places his hands on the heads of his...
First published: July 2010
Not, of course, that I need to know, but I ask the question in the light of the 24/7 decision at the last Methodist Conference. Where are...