First published: July 2012
In a book entitled ‘Paul, the Spirit and the People of God’ Professor Gordon Fee explores the relationship of the Spirit of God and the...
First published: November 2011
Every religion has a spirituality, because spirituality simply means our capacity to relate to God through certain established ways for...
First published: August 2011
For the last 30 years, it has been relatively commonplace to consider your theological response as a Christian towards people of other...
First published: April 2011
John Wesley invented no new theological doctrines. “Whatever doctrine is new must be wrong,” he wrote, “and no doctrine can be right,...
First published: July 2010
This article addresses the second of the elements in last summer's Methodist Conference report entitled Our Calling, namely Learning and...
First published: July 2010
Margaret Phippen is a brisk, down-to-earth lady who, one feels, is not someone who suffers fools gladly.
First published: July 2010
I'm sure you felt the same excitement and delight as I did reading the Our Calling leaflet produced from a report to Conference last year.
First published: July 2010
2007 is going to be a bumper year for anniversaries.
First published: July 2010
Was it coincidence that I received the invitation to write this article on the day I returned from a conference on 'What is evangelism'?
First published: July 2010
The Forty Four sermons comprise 43 by John and one by Charles Wesley and are held to have special significance for the Methodist Church.