17484893640x640Thy Kingdom Come 

The Methodist Church is a partner in the 'Thy Kingdom Come' global prayer initiative between Ascension Day and Pentecost 2018 (10-20 May 2018). 

MET was invited to champion this event around the connexion. Paul Wilson (Development Worker) and Marian Izzard (Administrator) were privileged to attend the launch events of Thy Kingdom Come in January. Paul went to the launch in York with Archbishop John Sentamu and I went to the London launch at Lambeth Palace with the Archbishop of Canterbury. It was very encouraging to be there with other Methodist friends and colleagues and to hear the vision and purpose of this initiative. The vision is very clear: to encourage individuals and churches to come together to pray for their friends and families over the course of 10 days from 10-20 May 2018, between Ascension Day and Pentecost. Justin Welby said that this was not an Anglican initiative; it is the work of the spirit. Neither was it English – it is global, taking place in eighty-five countries around the world. It was thrilling to hear of the many testimonies of people who had come to faith through faithful and persistent prayer. Prayer is something that we can all do but often find it hard to do. A dedicated time set aside to pray for just five people – however we do it – is an opportunity to be transformed ourselves as we pray, be given new confidence and encouragement by the Holy Spirit and to be effective witnesses to Jesus Christ. The Thy Kingdom Come website has many resources to help and inspire you and your church. The Methodist Church website has information about events around the country and invites you to pledge to be part of the initiative.