The Cliff Year: A Year of Opportunity

The Cliff Year will run from September 2019 to July 2020.

The Cliff Year has received generous funding so we’re able to subsidise the cost of the year for you so that it only costs £995. We can also help you with some fundraising ideas and also have some contacts for individual bursaries. We encourage you to tell your church about your plans to do the Cliff Year as they may want to contribute towards the cost.

During the year we will provide you with accommodation at Cliff College which you will get to make your home for the year. You will be living in a place that is surrounded by the stunning views of the Peak District. All of your meals will be provided meaning you will only need to raise a separate smaller amount of funds for your treats, socialising and personal shopping.

The year will include trips overseas to learn about other cultures and also an opportunity for you to share and impact the world so you will need a valid passport and also travel insurance.