MET Resources

MET has a range of resources on expository preaching, Bible studies, biographies, evangelism and prayer. The MET Resources can be ordered from with payment by cheque. Please add £1.50 towards postage and packing.

Digging for Treasure: £6.00 each or All Four for £20.00
2010: Preaching Jesus from the Whole Bible (Paul Blackham, David Hull, Ian Coffey)
2011: Courage to Preach the Word of God (Richard Bewes, John Wiltshire, Colin Reasbeck)
2013: Expository Preaching, Prayer and Evangelism (Paul Smith, Paul Wilson, Steven Wild)
2014: Expository Preaching: Revelation Today (Peter Graves, Steve Brady, Chris Blake)

Preaching the Word Paul Smith £3.50 or 5 for £14.00
The Bible And Its Authority Howard Marshall £3.00 or 5 for £12.00
Our Raison d'etre Paul Smith £2.50

Bible Studies by Paul Smith
Sermon on the Mount £4.25 or 5 for £17.00
Christian Spirituality £3.75 or 5 for £14.00
Abraham £4.95 or 5 for £20.00

Lessons from :
William Wilberforce - Achieving The Impossible Mark Williamson £7.00
John Wesley - A Blueprint for Revival Mark Williamson £7.00
Amy Carmichael - A Life Well Placed Joanna Wiiliamson £7.00
Hudson Taylor - Going Forward on your Knees Joanna Wiiliamson £7.00

Sharing Jesus Resource Books SJI £3.00
Interceding for Revival Andrew Baguley £5.00