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All We Can is a Christian faith-based international NGO and realises that the topics of development and humanitarian aid are certainly complex. The need is overwhelming—people are broken, hungry, misplaced, and in great distress. The government only has one part to play. It is not their total responsibility. The government is an institution full of imperfect people in power, trying to protect, serve, and govern for the majority—it will never live up to our expectations.


The mandate to look after the orphan, the widow and the stranger was given first to the Church and believers. Compassion has and always will work with the local church in the most impoverished communities to bring hope to individuals and families. This is because the Church is a reflection and manifestation of God’s heart for people and the poor, not a policy, a budget or a government.

The All We Can website engages in the discussion on 'Should the UK provide humanitarian and development assistance to other countries?