Remaining Faithful Network and
Liverpool 200: Renewing the Wesleyan Vision

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In 2019 we have held two Remaining Faithful gatherings, one in London in March and the other at the Methodist Conference in July. A momentum is gathering amongst those who wish to stand together in remaining faithful to the teaching of the Bible and to call upon the Methodist Church in Britain to do the same. To continue to facilitate this work, we are launching the Remaining Faithful Network. A network of Methodists committed to remaining faithful to the original Wesleyan evangelical vision, and to the biblical and apostolic understanding of marriage as the life-long union of one man and one woman and the only appropriate context for sexual intimacy.
The three-fold purposes of the network emerge from the letter of Jude, who wrote at a time when unfaithful teaching was slipping into the Church and called the early Christians to keep themselves in God’s love (v. 21) in three ways: ‘contend for the faith … building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit’ (vv. 3, 20).  The three-fold purpose:

Contending for the faith, Renewing the Wesleyan vision, Praying hopefully
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In 1820, the Wesleyan Methodist Conference met in Liverpool to launch a turnaround plan for the denomination. (Visit message from David Hull for further details).  Two hundred years later, we are desperately in need of a new turnaround plan! As we gather in Liverpool in 2020 (dates to be confirmed), we will renew the Wesleyan vision and begin to develop a fresh strategy, asking the same questions John Wesley asked at the first ever Methodist Conference in 1744:
What to teach?  How to teach?  What to do?  Please come and join us!

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Jesus and Homosexual Practices

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Marriage and Relationships

Remaining Faithful Marriage and Methodism Leaflet. A MET 4 page leaflet encouraging holding to the traditional view of marriage. January 2019
Remaining Faithful leaflet
Remaining Faithful leaflet printable pdf 

Remaining Faithful Marriage and Methodism Study Guide. A MET 20 page pdf study guide for individuals and groups to further explore biblical and theological basis for marriage and relationships.
Remaining Faithful study guide

MET Statement on Marriage and Human Relationships  
A statement prepared by MET in November 2017

Marriage and Human Relationships Resources
A list of resources available on this issue.

MET response to the Marriage and Relationships Task Group: Interim Report for the Conference of 2018