Prayer Life

Pablo Martinez is a psychiatrist and Pastor and works in a Christian hospital in Barcelona. He is President of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance and is a regular speaker at Spring Harvest.

The book begins with a detailed and revealing analysis into the different types of temperament, leaning heavily towards Karl Gustav Jung's thinking in this area. He explains in detail how each temperament struggles with prayer and how best to overcome these difficulties. This detailed analysis can prove to be a source of liberation to those who have been fighting against their own make up and feeling pangs of guilt because of this struggle. It is also a source of challenge to those more extrovert characters who fail to balance the many demands of their Christian ministry with and appropriate amount of prayer. If you are in either category then this book is a must.

I found the author's views on healing interesting, especially with regard to the healing of the memories. I quote, 'I have to confess, as a professional psychiatrist, that very often this is a waste of time. It is better to stop struggling against your past and accept that God uses you, together with your past, however painful or difficult it was'.

I highly recommend this book, partly because prayer is the most important aspect of the Christian life and partly because of the wealth of experience and wisdom offered by the author.