A Will to Lead and the Grace to Follow

William Willimon, currently a United Methodist Bishop in the USA, is perhaps better known as a former Professor of Christian Ministry and Dean of Duke University Chapel. Recognised as one of the leading preachers in contemporary Christianity, Willimon writes a weekly message to the congregations under his care. These range across theological, leadership, renewal and practical themes. In this book there are 63 of these messages, collated under a number of themes such as ‘evangelism’, ‘the craft of preaching’, ‘provoking change’, ‘courageous discipleship’ and ‘ministerial character’. 

What makes this book of note is the distilled wisdom of one who has made a very strong contribution to Methodism, and beyond. In a denomination whose structures do not create strong leadership, Willimon is widely recognised as a leader and here his musings on a range of issues show the depth of his insight. There is also much here that is of benefit to a preacher as many of these 2 or 3 page articles would form the kernel of an excellent sermon.

Don’t be put off by the slightly twee ‘A Will to Lead’ title, anything by Willimon is worth reading, and this small text is particularly useful in giving bite size insights on a wide range of issues that are as relevant in UK as they are in USA.