Redeeming the Gospel: The Christian Faith Reconsidered

Like many, this book has a rather deceptive title. Rather than a reconsideration of basic Christian understanding in an attempt to keep the good news relevant, this text is a reconsideration of Lutheran belief. So, if you are interested in how the Lutheran tradition reinterprets the gospel today, then this is for you.

This book examples what each tradition needs to do in constantly reconsidering what we believe and how we articulate it in the light of a rapidly changing context. For Brandos the change from modernity to postmodernity is the key and he offers the book as a contribution to the reformed church that is ever reforming. It also locates Lutheran thought within wider Christian reflection and so he seeks to reposition Lutheran understanding both to contemporary society and current Christian thinking.

Central Christian themes of salvation, righteousness, justification and grace are all addressed, with concluding chapters as to how this all relates to living out the faith. Theological formulations that owe most to the Biblical era and the Reformation period are at clear risk of answering questions that are not being asked. Making the gospel irrelevant is something all METConnexion are likely keen to address, and Brandos makes a strong contribution to this from the Lutheran tradition.