Creative Ideas for All-Age Church

In Creative Ideas for All-Age Church, Karen Bulley is doing something more along the lines of ‘Here’s a good idea to try’, rather than giving a discourse on how all-age church grows initially.

She outlines 12 themes that can be used with groups of all ages, ideally in an informal setting. For instance, in ‘The wheels on the bus’, there are ideas for a church sharing a day out together. The emphasis is on creativity, journey and story, and encouraging different ages to interact together. I see it as a book to ‘dip into’ rather than read from cover to cover, a book from which to adapt ideas to fit your particular situation. It will particularly appeal to those who are already comfortable with the concept of all-age church, and with all-ages worshipping together regularly.

I did find the way that the sessions are set out a little confusing at first, particularly as the titles do not always immediately point to a recognizable season or general theme. However, that is a minor point, so persevere with this book. If you are a preacher or worship leader, or involved in all-age events, it will give you some good ideas and inspiration.