Talking of God

by Joanne Cox

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Not often the first list of words that come about when one thinks of the words to describe any sort of course, really. But to describe a course about sharing one’s faith, perhaps even more surprising.


Fear Trepidation Exit strategy - Are all increasingly more likely.


If this is you, then do not fear. Help is at hand and available to you, your congregation, friends and local communities. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a brand new resource from the Methodist Church.


Talking of God


Talking of God is a four session based course aimed at helping you become more confident in sharing your faith wherever you are, and through whatever relationships you already have. You can do all four sessions, or you can pick the session most applicable to you and your community.


It is written with us all in mind, and is seasoned with references to Methodism and Methodist practice. It can be used by ecumenical groups or by small groups. The course includes all you might need to run it: leader’s notes (with some of the answers and all of the questions), group members’ notes (with space for plenty more questions) as well as PowerPoint slides for those with the facilities to use them.


The four sessions follow the outline of the ‘Time to Talk of God’ report. Thus, the four sessions are:







  • Starting the conversation – what is my story, and how might I be able to communicate more clearly?
  • Conversation stoppers – what am I afraid people will ask, and my own reaction to evangelism?
  • Conversations in context – what relationships am I already in, and some apologetics based material to tackle a difficult issue as a group.
  • Living the conversation – evangelism as a whole life calling.


The sessions include questions for discussion, bible study materials, teaching points and the opportunity to interrupt the session in order to reflect as a group on a particular aspect of your daily life.


You will find the course on the website


I hope you enjoy talking of God, and discovering more about yourself and each other, as you journey through the course and begin to gain greater confidence in sharing your faith authentically, generously and with compassion.

The Revd Joanne Cox is Evangelism and Contemporary Culture Office for the Methodist Church

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