Reaching Muslims

There are numerous books in this area, and many are awful and simply repeat outdated stereotypes and poor missiological practice. Reaching Muslims avoids this and is an excellent introduction to Islam, how Islam relates to Christianity, how Christians can look positively on the faith of a devout Muslim, and why Christians need to share Christ with such people. After a decent introduction to Islam, the challenge to befriend and understand Muslims is raised, followed by sections on how to relate Jesus from the Bible to a Islamic mindset and finally some of the challenging questions such as ‘can Christians call God ‘Allah?’ are addressed.

One of the significant advantages of this text is that it is written in a very accessible way, but still manages to address the issues that are at the heart of the Christian-Islamic encounter. It is a book that could be very helpfully read by a late teenager/student, by someone with a general interest in the area but also by someone who is thinking through these issues at some depth. Forty pages of appendices and notes help the more serious reader stretch themselves and point to further avenues of study and resources while a study guide helps make this a useful resource for a home group to work through.

A number of books in the past few years have attempted to do what this book achieves. Islam is not a problem or a faith to be feared, but a community of people who know something of God but who, like all, need to know Christ as Saviour. It points us to the need to get to know Muslims and see as a natural part of that the sharing of Christ.

Apart from those interested in this area, I hope that Reaching Muslims will also be read by many who either see Islam as a problem, or consider the need to evangelise Muslims as inappropriate. Both will be significantly challenged. So, well worth spending £7.99 of your hard earned money on this.