Mission Now

This is an easy-read guide to local and global mission, exploring what it means for us to say ‘the world is my parish’. Trev Gregory has written a passionate, sharp, and challenging book, connecting personal lifestyle with global ministry.

He writes, ‘a Mission Lifestyle shapes identity in so far as it tells the individual who he or she is and where he or she fits into God’s Kingdom and eternal plan. Throughout his letters Paul’s aim is to instruct his readers, but also to remind them of who they are in the sight of God. He wants them to know who they are in order that they live, act, and relate to each other accordingly’ (p.7).

However, mission is never simply about individual identity, it is a collective target. Drawing on the Moravian tradition, the author reminds us that the love of Christ needs to be a motivation to a united witness. Out of this love need to flow practical expressions of ministry.

‘Christ’s example derived its power from the fact that it was a life lived for us and given up on our behalf, so the true power of the Christian's influence lies in love that gives itself away in seeking the happiness of others’ (p.134).

The third section of the book empowers those who have made the conscious decision to get involved in global mission. It includes prayer sheets, worksheets, and offers practical advice, helping you to look at short-term and long-term mission options.

This book fully explores the contemporary trends in mission and helps us to understand what God’s plan is for 21st century mission, where we might fit in to that plan and what we can do about it. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone exploring the opportunities mission offers now.