Evangelical Revivals in New Zealand

When an Australian (Rob Evans)and a New Zealander (Roy McKenzie) get together to write a book you can be sure something good will result. This is no exception. A concluding paragraph states:-

“We pray that this desire will be intense, and heart-felt, enough to cause us all to cry to God, until His answer comes,---- Is this country dry enough for God’s flood waters of the Spirit? Are you ready to be part of God’s answer to this need?”

The book is in two parts. The first, larger part, is the story of revival in New Zealand from the time of the arrival of the first missionaries around 1835. Different chapters are given to what happened in different denominations. Methodism comes first, then the Presbyterians, the Brethren, and the Salvation Army. One chapter is given to the influence of the Keswick Movement.

1902 was a significant year for revival. Names which were familiar in the UK, became well known there, too, Torrey, Alexander, Grattan Guinness. Tom Spurgeon, son of Charles, spent several years there. Herbert Booth, son of William, likewise campaigned throughout Australia and New Zealand. In the 20th century the visits of Edwin Orr and Billy Graham are detailed. A whole chapter is devoted to the decline of Methodism as a force for Revivals!

The SECOND part of the book looks to the future, and therefore can be applied to our own longing for revival. Again and again, what happened on the other side of the world has fascinating lessons to teach us. What are the basic principles? How do we prepare for it ? What will be the social outcome? The book concludes with a section on the theory of revivals, and practical steps to prepare for what God will do in our midst.