More than a Job

Over the past few years, the employment situation has changed significantly with few companies offering secure, lasting employment anymore. I am currently doing work for a large UK retailer who is in the process of outsourcing 600 of its staff, many of whom have given over ten years of faithful service. In addition, there are those who take a more flexible attitude towards work and choose to combine paid employment with voluntary work, either in the church or the voluntary sector.

This book explains how people can develop a 'Portfolio Lifestyle' which, in simple terms, means having a number of different jobs, paid or unpaid. The author is clearly a highly educated and resourceful person who can deal relatively easily with the pressures associated with this form of lifestyle, and slot in a PhD in the process. For others, the prospect of making this work may be too daunting, especially as the risks can be quite high.

However, if this is something which appeals to you then there is much to help you in this book. Much of what the book contains can be found in other non-Christian sources but there are some self-analysis exercises which may prove useful to those considering embarking upon this lifestyle.