Seek and Save

Some readers will have read a review of Paul's earlier offering Seek and Find. It was not long before the publishers were asking for more which thrilled me as I have seen Paul using the material in both books to touch unchurched people effectively in the UK today.

Many may know Paul from his worship leading and music at Easter People and the like, but in the last six years Paul's major ministry has been helping a body of Christians reach out to the unchurched with a primary focus being seeker friendly events in local neutral venues.

Praise God some Christians are effectively reaching the parts that most churches don't reach! Here is another great resource to help such people and hopefully inspire others to start this vital work with the awareness that lost people matter to God.

The book helps us grasp where seekers are in thought and attitude in our society, and then makes some suggestions including four new presentations that you can pick and mix from for your seeker-friendly event. Bible passages and ideas are there plus thought provoking interview ideas. Music is suggested, drama and video ideas are given and Paul even includes some of his songs, words and music, plus a CD in addition which also includes backing tracks!

Paul has effectively used PowerPoint presentations in Nottingham and elsewhere, so in good Christian brotherly fashion he even offers to pass those on to you if you contact him.

Do pray for the lost around you, consider how the Lord may want you to reach them and consider buying this book. Seek and Save will help you to advance the kingdom of God in your area.