The Digital Hymnbook

Turning to The Digital Hymnbook, there are many worship resources available on CD and CD-Rom, combining contemporary music with images. Inevitably, because of the wider market that they cater for, some of the hymns and songs will not be familiar to all Methodist congregations. Bossingham’s new compilation bridges the gap with projection-ready pictures, overlaid with the texts of 300 popular traditional hymns. They are in PowerPoint format for use with a data projector and the CD-Rom comes with a copy of PowerPoint Viewer so you can use them without having PowerPoint resident on your computer.

The images are excellent and the words are almost always clear. There are just one or two occasions when people with eyesight problems may struggle to pick up the text over the image, but it is important in any event always to have a paper version for the few people in a congregation who can’t get on with projected images.

Also on the disc is Bossingham’s ‘ten commandments of digital projection', and following these basic rules will make this resource a good servant for your worship. It could be particularly helpful for introducing congregations to a way of singing hymns where they will be comfortable with the content, even if the technology is new.