24/7 for Kids

Sarah Foster has been working with children for the past 10 years. Three years ago she started her own ministry among children. It started when Sarah, working with a group of children each school holiday, found she could help them to get closer to Jesus through a two-hour session of prayer using creativity and worship. The children grew in numbers every time.

Seeing a difference in the children wanting to read their Bible, praying for their friends, families and those who still don’t know Jesus, was and is so rewarding. Painting prophetic pictures, dancing and shouting Psalms of praise are just a few things they get up to.

An average morning session looks something like this:

~**As Children arrive they sit in a group while rules and leaflets of the morning's activities are talked about. They are encouraged to explore as much as possible things that will help them to develop their faith and understanding of God.*~~*Around the room are several 24-7 kids posters. These are to get the children to think about things such as kneeling, lifting hands, quietness, dancing and more.*~~*Through creativity, silence (listening to God), expressive worship and having fun Sarah helps the children to develop their spirituality as well as their own understanding of God. *~~*In the middle of the allocated time, the children and helpers have a refreshment break and joke time, They go to a different room and spend 15-20 minutes telling jokes and getting to know each other better. When the children come back in they finish off their craftwork and join in a circle. *~~*They talk about what God has shown them that day, how they are feeling, and they thank God in prayer for all he has provided. They then have a quiet five minutes where they lie down, Sarah talks about how God speaks to us and then we listen for him as we listen to a quiet Christian song. The results of what they have heard, seen or been reminded of by God are amazing.**~

If you would like to know about 24-7 prayer for kids you are invited to email Sarah Foster on Sfcministry2003@aol.com