Praying in the Name of Jesus

How many times over the years have you been reminded that we need to pray ‘in the name of Jesus’ and been told that we need always to be sure that we are praying according to his will and purpose and not our own? Of course this is absolutely right, but is there more to this than we sometimes realise?

The name of Jesus is of utmost importance in intercession. Without his name we are unable to do anything and have no right to enter into God’s presence to ask anything of him in prayer.

To pray in Jesus’ name is the key to all the power and promises of God. In the Bible names are very significant, for they often describe a person’s nature. Peoples’ names would tell you who they are and what you could expect from them. So is there more to praying ‘in the name of Jesus’ than we sometimes realise?

Here are some ways in which we are encouraged in scripture to use his name:

~**Remind yourself of what his name represents*~~*Delight yourself in his precious name*~~*Express your love for him by using his name*~~*Believe on his name*~~*Bring forth your requests in his name*~~*Use the authority of his name*~~*Rebuke Satan in his name*~~*Sanctify your prayers in his name*~~*Get help and guidance by using his name*~~*Do everything in his name**~

To pray 'in the name of Jesus' is to pray in accordance with his will and not our own. We can never pray selfishly 'in his name', or for things that are clearly contrary to the interests of his Kingdom. As William Hendrikson puts it: 'A prayer in Christ's name is a prayer that is in harmony with whatever Christ has revealed concerning himself'.

One practical way of reminding ourselves of this important truth is to make a habit of ending our prayers with a phrase like "In Jesus' name" or "For Jesus Christ's sake", rather than simply finishing our prayer with an abrupt "Amen".

But what is Jesus’ name? Apparently there are 250 names given to Jesus in the Bible and if we are going to understand the power of his name then we need to learn at least some of them and use whichever name is appropriate for the occasion.

It would take too long to list all those 250 names, but here are a few.

~qAdvocate (1 John 2:1)
Branch of righteousness (Jeremiah 23:5)
Chief Cornerstone (1 Peter 2:6)
Day Star (2 Peter 1:19 - KJV)
Faithful Witness (Revelation 1:5)
Gift of God (John 4:10)
Head of the Body (Colossians 1:18)
Image of God (2 Corinthians 4:4)
The Lord most high (Psalm 7:17)
King of Peace (Hebrews 7:2)
Lamb of God (John 1:29)
Mediator (Job 9:33)
Nazarene (Matthew 2:23)
Offering (Ephesians 5:2)
Polished Shaft (Isaiah 49:2)
Rabbi (John 1:49)
Sanctuary (Isaiah 8:14)
Tower of Salvation (2 Samuel 22:51)
Upholder of all things (Hebrews 1:3)
Vine (John 15:5)
Wisdom of God (Revelation 19:13)
Your Shade (Psalm 121:5)q~

I do have a full list that I would be happy to photocopy and send to anyone. Email me on with your name and address and I will send it to you.