This is described as ‘A book about generations’. In it Methodist evangelist Rob Frost corresponds with his father, the Rev Ronald Frost, and two sons, Andy and Chris, sharing experiences of their faith in the Lord Jesus. Under headings like ‘Call to Ministry’, ‘Tough Times’, ‘Spiritual Highs’, ‘Regrets’, ‘Vision’, and others, there is great honesty in the way they open up to each other – Rob confessing his failings as a busy high profile father; the boys revealing their own teenage failings under the shadow of a ‘celebrity-preacher’ father; Grandfather accepting with some bemusement the changing cultures of the younger generations.

Because of the honesty there is much encouragement for the reader in seeing the love and respect they all have for each other; encouragement too for all Christian parents of teenage children struggling with today’s moral values; and, not least, encouragement in the way these two young men have come into a living faith which makes them passionate about bringing their generation to Christ. There is a clear love for the Church without being blind to its faults. The younger generation in particular expresses its frustration at the way the Church often is today. ‘Mission rather than Maintenance’ is their plea, and this should not be ignored by the older generation.

The e-mail type of format of the book makes the reader feel privileged to eavesdrop on private family conversations, filled with reminiscences - for example, Ronald Frost at the age of 83 spending a night alone under canvas in the woods to renew his Boys Brigade camping certificate! Through the generations, there is a shared passion for Christ, and the book ends with a prayer from ‘Mum’ for the generation yet to come.

This book is both encouraging and challenging, a very worthwhile read for young and old.