Startling Beauty

Publishers are forever claiming that this or that book is unique, but I confess that I have never read anything quite like this! Subtitled ‘my journey from rape to restoration’ the author relates some of the most awful things that could ever happen to a woman. To begin with she has a stillborn baby and she relates how her faith carried her through the grief of this situation. Heather, married to Steve, lived in a predominantly black inner city area in America, because this was where they felt God had placed them. However, one night Heather assumed that the man who had entered her bedroom was her husband, but instead it was a stranger who raped her in a terrible assault. Even worse was to follow when she became pregnant and decided against having an abortion despite much strong advice. What impressed me about reading this book was that Heather’s faith was undimmed through all the events and an amazing testimony to the faithfulness of God follows. It was something that I just could not put down after I began to read it.