Forget about 1+1+1 = 3 when you think about the Trinity, suggests Roger Forster; think more of 1x1x1 =1. I like that. Multiplication is always more dynamic and powerful than addition. This is a very good book on the Trinity if – a big if, I suspect – the concepts and ideas could reach the minds of many Christians. Unlike many turgid offerings on the Trinity this is an exciting proclamation of the glorious Tri-une God which stirred my soul and inspired my spirit. He is the ‘Song and Dance God,’ moving not static, loving by nature, serving in relationship where Father, Son and Spirit are bosom friends who invite us to the party. He is the scientific ‘triple helix God’, philosophically helpful, feminine and masculine in character who offers so much more than the austere, judgmental, impassible, monistic god of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christadelphians, Muslims and even the Jews, while his unity outweighs the many gods of polytheistic Hinduism. I do hope every church leader and preacher gets a copy, reads it, and drops its many jewels from the pulpit, one at a time.

This is a very good, important book for those who think seriously about their faith.