Seek and Find

This A4 book is indeed a practical resource for the mission of the church in the 21st century. Paul, a member of Headway, is a professional musician whom some will have seen lead worship in a most effective manner at Easter People and Headway events. He is not writing from theory but practical experience of involvement in a church (Tommy's) that is reaching the unchurched in Nottingham.

He helps us face the crucial issues of how we turn the unchurched round - a vital need when churches have fewer and fewer in their 'fringe' to reach. There really is a need to 'get out of the boat', think out of the box and reach our needy generation. Here is practical theology as Paul unwraps the 'two dimensions of the cross' and helps us have a clearer focus on the vision of our Lord for others.

Many churches have attempted to run 'seeker' events with mixed response. Here we have helpful guidelines about the process that can help us effectively reach the unchurched. 'How to run a seeker event may be a short chapter, but there is lots in it to make every church think through what it could mean in their area. When it comes to the 'content of the seeker event' Paul is really creative so that any church could be inspired to reflect our creator in the way it reaches the lost.

And there is more! Paul actually outlines two seeker-type programmes you could use, and provides a CD of music from his own band: backing tracks and music for singers and/or players! £14.99 may seem a lot, but you get your money's worth and more.

If your church means business about the gospel in this new century it should get this book, be prepared to be disturbed and then in prayerfulness reach out with the compassion of Jesus to the unchurched. Thank you Paul for sharing your experience, your wisdom and your heart for the millions in the UK who need to meet Jesus.